The Affinities of Bodhisattvas Are with Suffering Sentient Beings

The Buddha Dharma is not impenetrably profound; everyone can learn it. In fact, we cannot do without learning the Buddha Dharma.
The Buddha Dharma is full of teachings that we can use every day, so integrating the Buddha Dharma in daily life is not difficult at all, and it can make our lives more wonderful.

With Sincerity, We Vow to Deliver All Sentient Beings

We need to cherish our causes and conditions, maintain our resolve, give rise to deep faith and understanding, take the Dharma to heart, and put it into action.

The Jing Si Dharma Lineage is a path of diligent practice. We must inwardly cultivate sincerity, integrity, faith, and steadfastness.

Teachings and Commentary on the Adapted Verses of the Sutra of Infinite Meanings

The Adapted Verses of the Sutra of Infinite Meanings were compiled by Mr. Wang Tuan-cheng, who distilled the central ideas of the sutra and turned them into lyrics that could be set to music.