The Sutras Are a Path; This Path Is a Road to Walk On

In his teachings, the Buddha spoke of the sutras, stating, “The sutras are a path. This path is a road to walk on.” This path is a road, but we have long since lost our way. When we are lost, it is easy to take a wrong step. There is a saying that goes, “A single misstep leads to a lifetime of regret.” Dharma masters teach the sutras so that we can learn to walk this path with ease and reach our destination. People who have lost their way do not know the direction of this path.

With Great Loving-Kindness, We Have No Regrets; Our Love Is Infinite

The Tzu Chi School of Buddhism requires us to have loving-kindness, compassion, joy, and equanimity. “With great loving-kindness, we have no regrets; our love is infinite. With great compassion, we have no complaints; our vows are infinite. With great joy, we have no worries; our happiness is infinite. With great equanimity, we give with no expectations; we realize infinite gratitude.”