Integrate the Buddha Dharma in Daily Life and Become Living Bodhisattvas in This World

The Buddha engaged in spiritual practice and attained buddhahood for the sake of sentient beings. Since we are also engaging in spiritual practice to attain buddhahood, we should share the same spirit, mindset, and aspirations as the Buddha.

May People’s Hearts Be Purified, May Societies Be in Harmony, and May the World Be Free of Disasters

Time passes by very quickly. The new year has already arrived, and our lives are slipping away, year after year. Around the new year, everyone has new hopes and resolutions, but we should earnestly make plans and form everlasting aspirations that will continue with each passing year.

Teachings and Commentary on the Medicine Buddha Sutra

The Medicine Buddha made twelve great vows, including the vow to lead sentient beings away from all kinds of hardships and disasters and guide them toward liberation. Sentient beings suffer from many physical and mental afflictions, especially from the Three Poisons of greed, anger, and ignorance. Sentient beings’ mental tribulations thus result in the 404 ailments, which bring anguish and suffering to their bodies and minds.