Discipline, Diligence, Frugality, and Perseverance

When we were constructing the hospital, not only did we face hardships, we also had to overcome difficulties when beginning our mission of education. At the time, the faculty members often had to transport materials; women did the work of men, and men did the work of superhumans. This is Tzu Chi’s motto and the Tzu Chi spirit. Every Tzu Chi volunteer walks the Bodhisattva Path with the spirit, willpower, and courage of a superhuman.

Seize the Present Moment and Sustain It Forever

Context for the Teaching: Master Cheng Yen recalled how she seized the moment when she took refuge with Master Yin Shun at the Light of Wisdom Dharma Hall. From that moment onward, she has put her aspiration into practice. Since then, whenever she has faced arduous tasks in this world, she recalls the six words her teacher gave her: “For Buddha’s teachings, for sentient beings.”

For Buddha’s Teachings, For Sentient Beings

From: Tainan Faith Corps Members and Commissioners’ Leadership Meeting, December 15, 2005.
Master Yin Shun told me, “Our causes and conditions as master and disciple are quite extraordinary. There is so much I wish to say to you, but there is no time. Please remember that once you become a monastic and have received the precepts, you must work ‘for Buddha’s teachings, for sentient beings.’” When he said these words, I immediately prostrated before him. At the very moment that I prostrated, in my heart, I vowed to act according to this teaching.

The Sutras Are a Path; This Path Is a Road to Walk On

In his teachings, the Buddha spoke of the sutras, stating, “The sutras are a path. This path is a road to walk on.” This path is a road, but we have long since lost our way. When we are lost, it is easy to take a wrong step. There is a saying that goes, “A single misstep leads to a lifetime of regret.” Dharma masters teach the sutras so that we can learn to walk this path with ease and reach our destination. People who have lost their way do not know the direction of this path.

The Affinities of Bodhisattvas Are with Suffering Sentient Beings

The Buddha Dharma is not impenetrably profound; everyone can learn it. In fact, we cannot do without learning the Buddha Dharma.
The Buddha Dharma is full of teachings that we can use every day, so integrating the Buddha Dharma in daily life is not difficult at all, and it can make our lives more wonderful.

Walking the Bodhisattva Path

Forming bodhisattva aspirations and walking the Bodhisattva Path are not difficult. The challenge is to maintain a persistent, unwavering resolve and enduring patience.